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We provide you with fun, family-oriented and entertaining news, in-depth interviews and creative ideas for enjoying all the outdoors has to offer.  We encourage you to check out our eNewsletters, which highlight news, adventures and events to help you find the perfect outdoor activity for you and your family.  We also have an archived listing of the Bitsy Kelley Outdoors Radio Show, which airs every Saturday at 10 a.m. on KUIK 1360 AM.  Out Get Outdoors, Outdoor Events and Outdoor Links pages will help you plan your next adventure whether it be hiking, fishing, hunting or anything outside.  Join us!


Bitsy Kelley

About Bitsy Kelley Outdoors

Fueled by a lifelong passion for the outdoors, Bitsy Kelley, a third generation owner of Hawaii's famed Outrigger Hotel chain, is sharing her knowledge and enthusiasm about the world beyond our front porches - the great outdoors - with a growing radio audience around the nation.

Through an ever-expanding radio network Bitsy Kelley Outdoors is helping people of all ages get "in the outdoors."  The show focuses on providing fun, family-oriented and entertaining news, in-depth interviews, tips and creative ideas for enjoying all the American outdoors has to offer.  Bitsy Kelley Outdoors is leading a national trend of people returning to the types of activities that made this country great: hunting, fishing, sharing time with family, hiking, camping or simply enjoying local parks and recreation areas.


In 2004, hunting and fishing licenses issued in the U.S. spiked for the first time in a generation.  With outdoor outfitters like Cabela's and Columbia Sportswear seeing record surges in sales volume in the past few years, all indicators point to an expanding market for outdoor gear, apparel, equipment and advice.

For one hour each week, Bitsy shares stories with consumers through her radio show, "Bitsy Kelley Outdoors."  Currently, the show airs on stations on the West Coast.  In addition, you can find more in-depth information on this Web site, designed to inspire and motivate people of all ages to get outside and enjoy what nature has to offer.  And whether you carry a gun, a fishing rod, a backpack, a pair of binoculars or a paddle, Bitsy will share with you the best and most interesting ways to enjoy your outdoor lifestyle and the outdoor industry.

The key to Bitsy's unique brand of storytelling is that she goes in-depth share unique and compelling stories about people and businesses.  This is not an "ammo and animals" program, but a though-provoking hour designed to spur consumer interest in the outdoor lifestyle and the outdoor industry.

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Email: bitsy@bitsykelleyoutdoors.com